Yoga & Vegan Festival

I took myself off to the Yoga & Vegan festival, i like to try these things!

I have always enjoyed Yoga because it’s a way of life I feel I am not very good at, finding inner peace, strength & relaxation which my body needs and benefits from but it’s just not natural for me and I need guidance!

I experienced a whole new style of yoga Om & Bass – you can see them here:-

I have to say if I had been with a friend I probably would have giggled like a school girl throughout. The Yoga I got. The dancing…. well if you know me well enough….it’s not really my thing but…. this was different. There was no way of dancing, you used your own individual energy to move though the chakras you were focussing on. I would normally only dance like this (I think) when I have had a few too many or whilst home alone in front of a mirror (you all do that right?) There was something pretty cool about a room full of hundreds of people raving about like free spirits. Yes I would do it again. It was pretty cool.

The other session was all about inversions, needless to say I need some practice on my elbow stand I only took out a few bags which were carefully placed around the room but landed gracefully and after a quick hair redo I was good to go again! I could however balance on my head – go me! It took a thought or two to unknot myself without harm on a few positions. Some of these positions were held for some time and considering how many people were in the room, I was surprised no one broke wind! The inner strength and concentration you need is pretty intense initially.

There were so many different opportunities to choose from to try. Stalls with a collection of handmade local goods, vegan, of course that suited all participants from around the home products, well being, clothing, food, drinks!

Talks were available for everyone and you could pick and choose. I went to a few which were interesting but one for me was just … what the…. it was about loving your self and having the ability to deal with negative emotions. I had really hoped I would take away some case studies and tools to share with you all. Well the lady who did the talk… I have to say this lady was in her own world and at one point I thought she was not actually in the room with us. Good on her she was definitely in a positive place, I’m just not sure how to get there myself without scaring everyone else around me. I didn’t really understand what she was talking about some of the time. Again another moment I was glad to be on my own, a few looks between friends would have seen fits of giggles. I probably need to work harder in this area and may be the reason I can sometimes I struggle. I didn’t get it.

Another was on the topic of physiological flexibility for mental health. This I did get, accepting negative emotions from pain, sadness and learning from them, allowing gut emotions lead you to next steps towards your personal goals, embracing situations where you feel uncomfortable.

A bit like exercise – you push through the pain (sometimes) to get to a goal you want to achieve – attending a class, a 10k, a marathon. It’s not as straight forward as being there in your end goal. Apply to this life and you may start to see things differently and allow some current negatives or anxieties become learnings which will result in you becoming a better person. Make sense?!

I finished my day with a session with on peace, stillness and breath. I really tuned into this and managed to switch off and be in the moment. I didn’t chant though mainly as i did not know the words. Ommmmmmm!

Go & try something new and have no expectations and you can’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading 🙏

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