Is their diet & fitness regime the only way?

Diet Diet Diet!

The fitness industry is full of people and companies claiming to have diets and/ or fitness plans that is the one for you!  Well….that’s true, it might be the one for you, but it might not be and that is okay.

Every diet approach is different. Some people respond, and by that i mean they get results. Some don’t.

Someone will ask me if I like slimming club diets.  For me, no i don’t, because i  personally found the low in points foods were the ones full of rubbish and with little nutritional value. That’s what i steered too anyway, i found myself planning around what chocolate i could eat that day. I ended up eating lots of low fat/low sugar cakes, biscuits, crisps and was still hungry. Or i was eating their own branded ready meals. I wasn’t eating good foods. I cringe at what i used to eat ont that diet.

But, this diet approach works for some people, they get to eat what they want, but they get a calorie deficit and therefore lose weight.

There are so many diet approaches that will work for people, ultimately they will all make you think about food differently, exercise more  and drink more water.

I like to educate, support and share learnings on eating natural foods. Over time this is the way that has worked for me, through trial and error of a lot of other diets and food plans.

You should do the same, the more you try, the more you learn, you can tweak approaches to suit you. Play around foods, eat what YOU like, not what a book says. You can change the ingredients around. How do you feel after eating those foods? How do you feel the next day?

Still stuck in a rut? Try tracking your eating habits, look back at the diary entries which can highlight areas where you need to change. Do you eat regularly enough? Are you eating too much fat? Are you eating enough protein? What are your moods like?

The more you try, the closer you are to getting it right. You may already know what to do, but you need accountability instead. So many options for everyone!

So no my way is not the only way, it might be, it might not be for you. Dont give up, keep trying until you find your way.


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