Do you struggle with staying on track?

Do you struggle with staying on track?

Creating a routine?

Finding time?

Everyone knows that life is full of ups, downs, planned, unplanned scenarios every single hour of the day.

However, the more you understand your goals and where you want to be, the more likely that you are to find time to reach those goals.

I have seen it over and over again.  People join slimming clubs. They join a gym. Totally nail it for a few weeks; with a commitment for 5 days per week, and best intentions to continue. But they FAIL.


What happens when the school rings to collect a sick child? The car breaks down and you cannot get to a session? You run late from a meeting at work? What do you do when things go wrong and mess up your day?

….. You miss out on your workout, you miss your weigh in.

Negative thoughts creep in. You feel that you have failed to achieve what you set out to do. When it happens again, you let it go again, you miss out again, and then you feel fed up. Those nagging thoughts pop up. It won’t work whilst I have a growing family, juggling work and other demands on my time… bla…. bla bla… So instead of more bla, bla…let’s plan for these mishaps! They are just part of life.


Put yourself back on track with some smart contingency plans – popped into your back pocket. It might not be what you set out to do, a diversion from your ideal plan, but they will help you stay on track, feel in control, and achieve those goals.

We have all grabbed not so healthy foods, missed a session, stayed up late, and not drunk enough water because of something that has interfered with our plans.

So what can we do to plan for these “life” mishaps? They might include…

·         Have a bank of 10 minute home workouts – which can be squeezed into time precious days.

·         Cook an extra quantity of meal sized portions to freeze – ready for when you need them most.

·         Fill up water bottles as a habit each morning – perhaps when you fill the kettle for your cuppa.

·         Get a last minute Babysitter – build a “go to” list of suitable people.

·         Do an extra walk the day before and after – to do some catch up miles…

It needs to be what works for you and your lifestyle.

And I bet you have all said, no point starting now – it’s nearly the weekend, must always start on a Monday (eyeroll) Yep me too!

Delaying the start won’t help…


Let me remind you – the amount of TIME does not change. There is always 60 minutes in an hour, 7 days per week, and 12 months per year. It is fixed. It is YOU that has to change…to manage the time available.

This doesn’t mean scheduling every minute of the day.  Don’t attempt to squash too much in. Giving yourself buffer time to allow for things to go wrong and take longer to do – is smart planning and an effective use of time. Allow for the unexpected phone calls that you have to take or make, and recognise they never take 5 minutes!


Expectations are key – be realistic, manage them well. What’s the point in setting yourself up to go to the gym 7 days a week and eat clean foods forever and never drink alcohol again? Is that actually going to happen? No I don’t think so!

Start off with this week – for example, I am going to concentrate on getting to three workouts at a class, at home, at a friend’s – doesn’t matter where or when. Plan them in your diary – if it doesn’t happen, redo the plan – what can I reprioritise to get that workout in?

Take a step back, look at your schedule – plan for the planned and plan for the unexpected. Make this a regular habit and it will become second nature to do…

Repeating this approach will give you the confidence that in time just because one day or week doesn’t go to plan, it does not mean all the others will be the same!

We have a regular timetable of fitness sessions in the community, each session is fresh & motivational for participants. If you miss a session there will be another one, or tailored sessions to suit you as an individual. Initially you might be cautious, that is okay and completely normal.  Follow us on social media, come and view a group or just try it!


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