An excellent training approach for overall health benefits including decrease in blood pressure, and decrease in resting heart rate and a decrease in body fat.

Kore Kettlebells

Kettlebells are in fact steeped in history and are long established training tools. The kettlebell is used by many including athletes, sport teams, martial artists, power lifters, military forces, personal trainers, gym goers. The kettlebell exercises are very effective for various physical fitness goals including, strength, power, muscle endurance, flexibility, motor skills, a favourable body composition and so much more.

What is a kettlebell?

A kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannon ball with a handle, essentially a Russian dumbbell.

The recommended starting weights for men should be around 16kg progressing to 20-24kg or more depending on the exercise. The recommended starting weight for women should be around 8kg, progressing to 12kg or more depending on the exercise.

Benefits for participants & body systems include:

  • Strengthening muscle groups rather than just one at a time
  • Developing whole body strength
  • Core function improvement
  • Improved sports performance
  • Flexibility improvements
  • Body composition improvements
  • Cardiovascular improvements
  • Lean & well defined physique without excessive muscle mass
  • Increased Fat loss
  • Increased Bone density

Sarah provides 4kg to 16kg kettlebells.

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Thank you Sarah Fountain once again for your inspiration and motivation through this NUTRITION Journey . For me this has been about organization and putting myself higher up the food chain - no pun intended! My default is to make sure everyone else is ok and then just eat what is left in the fridge - not always healthy! My motivation is my health - I am 50 next year and have had a chance over lockdown to think about my own mortality and look forward rather than fire fighting each day as it comes. This is a long term plan for me and is not about beasting my body but ensuring that I am strong physically and mentally. A good diet regular exercise and plenty of good quality sleep is key to this and I know that if any of these are lacking I feel rubbish!! Def looking forward to the next month ...... xx [READ MORE]
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