If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact me.

  • How much are the classes?
    £6.50 per session or you can buy a block of 10 for £50 ( 12 week expiry date) , unlimited classes for the month is £35 per calendar month.
  • What should I wear?
    A bikini… No just joking! You should make sure that you wear comfortable sportswear and trainers. Normally you will get warm during exercise so a t-shirt is a good idea but ensure you have something warm to wear after the class. Gym trousers or shorts are fine too.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    Yes some water and a towel, ooh and £6.50. If the session is outside and the weather is hot, a sun hat, sun cream, and a bit more water. If it’s the winter, wear layers so you can remove them and add them. I will provide you with all the equipment you need but you are welcome to bring your own gloves and pads or Kettlebells.
  • Will I have to fight in Boxercise?
    Urm No. Boxercise is a fun exercise class. You will need to partner up with someone else to train with during the class and this is absolutely safe with regards to the use of gloves and pads.
  • I have not exercised in years, and I am extremely unfit, can I attend classes?
    Of course, everyone has to start somewhere. The classes have various levels of fitness and if you are a newbie, then we adapt the numbers and make things easier for you to help build your foundation of fitness.
  • Can I bring my baby or child?
    Yes you can at your own risk. Ideally they should be in a buggy and are not allowed to roam freely over the equipment for health & safety purposes. They will be your responsibility, but Sarah is partial to a little baby cuddle if it’s safe to do so!
Sarah has helped me reassess my eating habits and lifestyle. She set me achievable goals that took me through my lifestyle change one step at a time. I didn't feel overwhelmed or that the goal was impossible. She met with me and gave me a workout routine that would fit into my busy life and limited space at home. Sarah offered continual support throughout the plan and adjusted it where necessary. I have come away from that plan eating breakfast (I never did before), eating no more biscuits in the afternoon anymore, thinking before I eat and a lot fitter. Thank you Sarah! [READ MORE]
Claire from Stokenchurch