Do you struggle with staying on track?

Do you struggle with staying on track? Creating a routine? Finding time? Everyone knows that life is full of ups, downs, planned, unplanned scenarios every single hour of the day. However, the more you understand your goals and where you want to be, the more likely that you are to find time to reach those…

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14th May 2019

New Season….Good Reason…

New Season….Good Reason……….to spring into action with fitness & exercise As the evenings lighten, days lengthen with warmer temperatures to embrace –  it offers a great opportunity to engage a new fitness routine too? A change is as good as a rest, so ditch the gym, and try outdoors  – if you haven’t already. Have…

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28th February 2019

Is their diet & fitness regime the only way?

Diet Diet Diet! The fitness industry is full of people and companies claiming to have diets and/ or fitness plans that is the one for you!  Well….that’s true, it might be the one for you, but it might not be and that is okay. Every diet approach is different. Some people respond, and by that…

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24th May 2018

Yoga & Vegan Festival

I took myself off to the Yoga & Vegan festival, i like to try these things! I have always enjoyed Yoga because it’s a way of life I feel I am not very good at, finding inner peace, strength & relaxation which my body needs and benefits from but it’s just not natural for me…

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14th March 2018
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