Michele Harris

I love going to sarahs classes. It has helped me to feel fitter and healthier. When I started I really struggled to do a burpee but now I managed to do 50 in under 5 mins xx

Louise Hunt

SMuRF-FIT classes are awesome. Sarah is so motivational, before during and after classes. Always giving us that little bit of extra information from why exercises are good for you, which muscles targeted to some great recipe ideas. There is always something different in her classes every week and you forget about being body conscious and concentrate on having fun exercising!

John’s story…

Back in 2010 I met Sarah, not for the first time but on this occasion it would have a profound effect on my life!

BeforeAt the time I was very depressed and had just started cycling, I was using the endorphins and natural highs that intense exercise give you as a drug to combat my mental health, five years later I’m still using the same techniques!

When I met Sarah she suggested that I might try Boot camp, I’d never heard of it but she wasn’t about to take “no” for an answer. I was nervous and unsure but Sarah encouraged me and even picked me up and took me for my first session. I loved it, the intensity of the exercise was just what I needed, the sessions provided me with great stamina, core strength and as an added bonus I lost weight and inches. It also had a fantastic effect on my mental state, I was less nervous, more assertive and felt as good as I had for a very long time.

Sarah wasn’t done with me yet though, she also started cycling and was very soon suggesting that we ride from London to Paris for charity, her sheer enthusiasm, drive and faith in us both being able to do this had me agreeing all to easily!

Our training started in earnest almost immediately and for the next few months we were a regular sight out on our bikes in all weather, once Sarah has a plan its full steam ahead. During our training we also joined a charity Night Ride round London, a 60 mile ride starting at 11.00pm and taking in all the sights before finishing in the early hours just in time for a well-earned full English! During our training Sarah was always positive, nurturing and above all she worked hard to achieve her targets.

The London to Paris bike ride was a triumph, we were well prepared and coasted through the four days of cycling with no difficulty what so ever and arrived in Paris under the Eiffel Tower feeling incredibly pleased with our efforts. Just another testament to Sarah’s hard work, dedication and fitness.

The London to Paris bike ride had given me an idea, I always wanted to travel but had never considered travelling by bike. I started looking for information and found a company that were organising a World Cycle Challenge, a nine month 18,000 mile round the world trip on bicycles! I wanted in, i signed up and paid my deposit almost immediately. I knew I’d have to be fitter, stronger and even more mentally ready than I was, time to train but I knew I’d need help. I’d need motivation, training programmes, and people to train with and to just talk about the huge challenge that now faced me. During the next six months or so Sarah was my go to girl, she encouraged me to attend more Boot camps, Boxercise classes and Circuit Training, when I started running Sarah was there, when it was wet and windy and I was struggling to get out Sarah was there. Her positivity was infectious and she was always pushing me to do better, be stronger, get fitter and it worked.

During those six months Sarah progressed dramatically in her own fitness and was soon to be found competing in her first 10km run, several more followed before she entered her first Half Marathon, she applied herself to the task with her usual enthusiasm and dedication and as you’d expect she ran a good race at an even pace. It can’t have been too long after crossing the line that she entered her first Marathon. In the meantime I was also running well and had also run several 10km events and by this had also run a couple of Half Marathons with my mate Tim. We were also now ready for a full Marathon and entered the Endinburgh marathon for May 2012.

BeforeSarah’s marathon was first as she’d entered the Milton Keynes event in April 2012, it was a cold wet day but as you’d expect Sarah ran with a smile and ran a good even paced race and finished hardly out of breath, a testament to her great training and general fitness.
Myself and Tim also had a great run in Edinburgh and were both grateful for Sarah’s help with our training and fitness levels.

Shortly after the marathon I left to cycle the world. My cycling buddy ,Naomi, on this occasion left on July 11th 2012 and landed in Seattle. We cycled down the Pacific Coast to San Francisco then flew to Japan where we spent a month cycling along the Pacific coast. Over the next two and a half years we visited, 32 countries, cycled over the Annapurna Circuit at 5416m, cycled from Cairo to Capetown, from France over the Alps to Southern Italy, visited all of South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia before ending our trip cycling through Denmark and Turkey, a trip of a lifetime!

During my time away I kept in touch with Sarah via Facebook and was delighted to see her continue to improve her own fitness while also finding time to nurture and inspire others. She regularly competed in 10km and half marathon runs as well as other more adventurous runs like the Grim and Tough Mudder. Sarah despite becoming pregnant with her second child continued to keep fit right up until the final weeks and was soon back in the grove afterwards. Although I’ve not had the opportunity to train with Sarah due to me moving to the West Midlands, I can only imagine that she will continue to be an inspiration to all that show up to her classes. She is always bubbly, easy to talk to but brings out the best in other people, I for one am extremely grateful to have had her on my team when I was training hard and wouldn’t hesitate in contacting her for assistance in the future.

Natalie Rousseau

Natalie RousseauI (with baby!) have been attending Sarahs conditioning circuits for 5 weeks now and each week I feel the benefits. Every class is varied, fun and a great all over body workout. My dog has also joined in on occasion when we have been outdoors and he loved it too! Sarah is a flexible and fabulous instructor!

Christy King

Christy KingThe thing I like most about Sarah’s classes is the variety of exercises. I never get bored as each week it’s different and I can always feel it the day after which is great! It works brilliantly that I can bring my 8 month old baby along too, who either sleeps happily in her buggy by the side or if she’s awake, thinks it’s great entertainment to watch everybody doing their silly exercises!


Sarah has helped me reassess my eating habits and lifestyle. She set me achievable goals that took me through my lifestyle change one step at a time. I didn’t feel overwhelmed or that the goal was impossible. She met with me and gave me a workout routine that would fit into my busy life and limited space at home. Sarah offered continual support throughout the plan and adjusted it where necessary. I have come away from that plan eating breakfast (I never did before), eating no more biscuits in the afternoon anymore, thinking before I eat and a lot fitter. Thank you Sarah!


Omgggggg Sarah I truly haven’t had such a great evening in months. I really enjoy exercise. I find it really hard on my own but when there’s others I just wanna go for it. Can’t thank you enough. I am determined to get back to my previous weight!

Hen Do Bootcamp

Fantastic hen do bootcamp morning! It was a great ice breaker for us a group of girls who didn’t all know each other and all wanting to look trim for the main do abroad. Within minutes we were all hot, sweaty and having a giggle. The exercises were well planned out and tailored around the bride to be. By the end of bootcamp we all felt that we had worked hard but most of all had such a laugh.

Hen Do Bootcamp #2

Much harder and so much more fun than I anticipated. I used equipment I haven’t used before, like the ropes and going under and over poles. The bootcamp was so much fun and was certainly a great all body workout. The hen do games we played where so much fun.

Samantha Verner

Brilliant class! Even if you don’t feel like it Sarah motivates you and you feel great at the end of the class!

Kelly Jones

Brilliant classes and always varied so never boring or repetitive. Highly recommended if you like a challenge or just to be training with a positive and welcoming group. Well done Sarah

Eleanor Curtain

Sarah’s boxercise classes are great for people like me, who aren’t brilliant at exercising alone and who need the motivation of a group setting, led my an enthusiastic and committed teacher. Sarah always comes up with fun and challenging exercises and drills, she really keeps the energy up and she makes sure we have a laugh too. I wouldn’t have boxercise (or exercise!) any other way!

Kay Leppard

Fabulous classes that are challenging and demanding Sarah provides varied lessons each week whilst being professional warm and welcoming. Always keeping us on our toes I thoroughly enjoy them and have never been so fit. Just love it.

Maria José Herrero Rodriguez

I meet Sarah in September 2015, I was really unfit, thanks to her perseverance and the way she runs the classes I feel motivated to do exercise which I haven’t done for years, she is brilliant!

Fin Lewis

I LOVE Sarah’s classes! They challenge me week after week and they are always led with a smile and boundless amounts of energy from Sarah. My fitness levels have improved hugely and the classes inspire me to exercise more. Can’t recommend Sarah enough.

Tracy Haley

Love attending Sarah’s boxercise classes they are always varied and as much as they are hard work they are also fun I always come away feeling great physically and mentally Thanks Sarah

Samantha Wallace

I recently joined the boxercise class and I was extremely nervous about going alone. Sarah and the whole class have been encouraging and very helpful! The excercises wake my body up and I feel amazing afterwards….and pleased with myself. Sarahs classes have such a great atmosphere and I’m hoping to be able to take part in others in the future. Its helping massively with my weight loss too. Each session is different, never boring and lots of fun. Don’t put it off for ages like I did! I wish I’d joined a long time ago.

Veronica Wood

Amazing classes – always challenging and very varied – lovely professional instructor. Highly recommended.

Paula Williams

Love love love my work outs with Sarah!! She has been and continues to be a huge part and inspiration to my health and fitness journey. She pushes me to achieve exercises I never thought possible. You never know what to expect, such a great mix of exercises, each class is different, but always offers a full body work out. I never knew there were so many variations to the plank!!! Wow my core knows all about them now!! Such a caring and encouraging trainer.

Kate Quarterman

I can honestly say that Sarah will bring out the best in you. Speaking as a person who’s never do any exercise in her life, Sarah has put me on the track to feeling amazing( I can now do a plank )I would highly recommend her boxercise class, always good fun and Sarah always has warm smile to welcome everyone. Thank you.

Lisabete Moores

Challenging and fun filled classes. Sarah is an excellent and motivating fitness instructor. Love it.

Becky Louise

I love Sarah’s classes! Whether it be kettle bells,Boxercise or circuits.i always feel ive had a great workout! she always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help if you don’t quite get what you are doing (which I do quite alot) lol! x

Tahli Lisowski

Love my weekly beastings! Varied, fun and always know you’ve worked hard – a smiling and supportive coach to welcome you. Thanks Smur.

Jayne Richmond

Fantastic classes , all levels of fitness catered for and very varied classes .Sarah is a fabulous instructor with such a bubbly personality that makes for fun classes.

Helen Simpson

Sarah is fantastic. Always chirpy, always motivating, always bringing diversity and energy to her classes. I started out with her about six months ago as a very tired new mum, and I really feel she has been pivotal in my fight back to fitness. Progress hasn’t always been forwards, I’ve had better weeks / months than others, but she’s constantly encouraging and it makes me want to keep coming back. I can bring my baby, we enjoy it together often if he wants to ‘join in’ and the rest of the day I feel great after a fun morning with fun people

Kate Bennett

Fantastic classes, my fitness levels and core strength have all improved so much since I have started and my waistline and backside have certainly decreased! The classes fit around my children and offer flexibility. Sarah is always so encouraging and motivating and the groups are always so friendly and welcoming.

Kelly Jones

Brilliant classes and always varied so never boring or repetitive. Highly recommended if you like a challenge or just to be training with a positive and welcoming group. Well done Sarah

Kate Brown

I love Sarah’s classes, they’re always different which keeps me interested and challenged, and there’s a variety of fitness levels so it’s not intimidating to join in. Sarah is such a lovely trainer, really friendly personal approach but stern enough to keep you going to the target!

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Sarah is always bubbly, easy to talk to but brings out the best in other people. I for one am extremely grateful to have had her on my team when I was training hard and wouldn't hesitate in contacting her for assistance in the future. [READ MORE]